Define your target audience –  Knowing the key demographics of the area or locality will help streamline data gathering for the upcoming events. Which will help you have a focused audience. Having No Specific Audience is why most events fail, all the time put in for an event goes down the drain including all the money and resources used as there was no ROI and the event becomes a big failure. To avoid all this why having a specific audience is a must. You need to do your research on what your audience and the group is interested in and what kind of add ons will attract them more. Having an understanding of what their wants and needs are can go a long way in establishing a long-term relationship. For you to market it to this set of audience you need to know what gains their maximum attention, like a promotion event or a give away, or any contest, or other marketing campaigns held at the places visited by your audience the most. Keep a track of what social media they use more is also important as you can push your digital marketing tactics there to push your events.

Connecting people to a strong idea has a much greater chance of resonating with guests. Have a theme or a concept that makes your guests feel connected to the event as much as you are. You should work on
what type of content and connections your attendees might be looking for. The concept can be anything , related to any part of our life, from dressing to the nature to the food or even the place and the culture or a community tradition, anything that can connect easily with the people around on a personal level will gain you better results in the event. Various types of attendees participate in events. Yet most of the events deliver almost similar experiences to all , every time. Having a boring non connecting relationship with your event and the attendees gains no attention, thus results in your efforts going vain. Having your attendees experience something much better and comforting will fulfill your attendees from within.
It is true that the mood off one person spreads to another and so on it goes. If you want a fun, friendly, and energetic crowd, you’ll have to lead by example. If one person is dull and feeling low, it will slowly start effecting the team and will soon be shown in all the work that is been done. Vibe and positive is a real thing. People sense the optimism from within, and ti create a blissful vibe, there must be a happy enthusiastic team with an outstanding leader. You should not expect your team to be perfect, you should know their flaws and complete them. If the team is lead by a bad leader, the employees are never truly happy in doing their job, which is reflected in the final end event, this way the attendees are also
truly not satisfied. This happens only cause they don’t put the best in the making of the event. So every person’s mood does reflect in their work, and put together it ll effect on a larger scale too. Another major fallout is when your small small last minute work is not In place. Some stuff you need to keep is mind – are your event details mentioned correctly? If no then you are in a big trouble, there might be an error with the venue or probably the timing, they might just miss and event, you are losing your name and fame. – do you have a proper hospitality team for your guests? If your guests don’t like the service you have achieved nothing from the event. – are your team members at the allocated place? If someone asks for help and they don’t find their way out, they will leave your event with at most disappointment. And we should not let that happen. Make sure there are enough volunteers or supporting staff to help and guide your guests at the event. – if everything is okay with the menu? Last minute changes in the menu is not a new thing. You need to know how to handle the change. Also making sure that it is as good as promised, for a fact we all know that everyone love eating, and we definitely win hearts by providing good food and service keeping everyone in mind. We have seen a lot of issues with the mix of vegetarian and non vegetarian food which is not at all okay for you as an organizer. Have clear separate counters to avoid further confusion.
– if the seating arrangement doesn’t satisfy the guests. This is very common, and it happens in a lot of events, sometimes you ll be forced to make last minute changes favoring few of your guests, you need to know that all your guests are equally important, prioritizing one does not mean you should not care about the others, make changes keeping in mind about the other guests also, it ll be appreciated a lot. -issues with the invitation or tickets at the entrance? There can be a lot of crowd waiting to come in, but a huge crowd with no one to handle them just shows your poor organizational skills. You need to have a buffer in every section, you should know how and where to push people based on necessities and timings. Having a minimum waiting time is liked alot by the attendees.

If you’re too busy to mingle and escort guests, guide them to a mutual and also offer them food and drink, leading them to the food zone is the best to do as you might have to meet alot of people for that event. One more thing that should be in mind is that all your guests are equally important and having create differences is not a good idea to with. Elders and children should be provided with all the additional requirements. – change in weather cause of bad luck. We have seen soo many cases where everyone is so excited and looking forward to an amazing event, alas there is a pour down. If it’s an open venue, the event is ruined. In a closed venue too traveling might be a bad option
for few guests and thus they back off. This way the selection of venue must be very smartly done. Keeping in mind about the climate and the possibility of their changes. You must also plan an alternative in such case. – parking. Yes parking is a big deal. If your venus doesnt not provide enough parking space. You better mention it on the invitation or inform the guests before hand. Or it you can do some arrangement even better. What ever you choose you need to keep your attendees well informed in hand even if you are making arrangements for their transport. – an attendee creating a ruckus? You should very well know how to solve it. Or it might get you into alot of uninvited trouble. – mode or entertainment should be planned right. You should know what will keep your guests happy and engaged. Some events should be specific with the language or age depending on your target audience and your event type.
As we all know, planning extraordinary events require talent, skill, experience, hardwork and knowledge. Having invested all the time, money and resources, failure of an events is the worst thing that can happen. Although the success of any event rely mostly on production and outsourcing the right resources, there are other invisible factors put into it such as efficient planning, budgeting, delegating, hiring, timing, management from start to finish and much more. All
these above mentioned points must be kept in mind to avoid an event from failure.