COVID-19 has upturned industries around the world, resulting in businesses downing their shutters, loss of jobs, and fall in overall revenue. However, companies that have shut shop are the ones that fear the future. They fear innovation; they fear technology; they fear the new world order — the one that we are about to witness in the next couple of months.

Did you know that digital media are the most engaging platform? Turn the Crisis into a big business opportunity.
Your just one clicks away from enhancing your Brand.

Below are our offers for the digital world.



Social Media Account1850 +tax4550 +tax9950 +tax
Identify Business GoalsYYY
Account ManagementYYY
Analyze Your AudiencesYYY
Create Social Media CalendarYYY
Create a Content StrategyYYY
Identify HashtagsYYY
Social TrendingYYY
Facebook Promotion
Profile OptimizationYYY
Creative Image355
FB Timeline Status Posting101520
Post Sharing in Groups101520
Cover Image Creative and Upload123
Group Creation123
Group Join51015
Video Sharing(provided by client)51015
Call To Action ButtonOne TimeOne TimeOne Time
Facebook Review PostingsXYY
Polls Creation & ManagementXYY
PFacebook Insight MonitoringYYY
Deleting of unwanted spamYYY
Traffic Monitoring Through Google AnalyticsYYY
Sponsored Ads (Additional Cost)YYY
Twitter Promotion
Profile OptimizationYYY
Tweets Posting101520
Targeted Twitter Followers IncreaseYYY
Background Image Creative and Upload3510
Cover Photo Creative and Upload3510
Lists CreationXyY
Sponsored Tweets(Additional Cost)YYY
#hashtag Trend ResearchXYY
Twitter Analytics MonitoringYYY
Instagram Promotion
Profile OptimizationYYY
Instagram Image Sharing101520
Targeted Instagram Followers IncreaseYYY
#hashtag Trend ResearchXYY
Comments & Likes Management [Engagement strategy]YYY
Image Tagging to Friends/Followers [Increase Reach]YYY
Instagram Analytics MonitoringYYY
Linkedin Promotion
Profile OptimizationYYY
Linkedin Post Sharing101520
Targeted Linkedin ConnectionYYY
Company Page CreationOne TimeOne TimeOne Time
Company Page Follower IncreaseYYY
Company page creative banner3510
Profile Connection Build upXyY
Relevant Group JoiningXyY
Post Sharing in GroupsXyY
Linkedin Performance ReviewYYY
Linkedin Pulse PostingXXY
YouTube Promotion
Youtube Channel OptimizationYYY
Channel Creative UploadXXY
Video Uploads(provided by client)51015
Video Promotion101520
Video Title & Meta OptimizationXyY
Thumbnail Creative for VideosXyY
Youtube SubscribersYyY
Youtube Discussion Posting101520
Youtube Video ViewsYYY
Comment ModerationXYY
Pinterest Promotion
Profile OptimizationYYY
Board Creation101520
Pins Posted101520
Website VerificationXYY
Business AccountYYY