With an extensive landscape and its burgeoning economy, India stages a bustling platform for the growth and development of exhibition and stall designs.

An exhibition stall represents the brand at an event or exhibition. It is crucial that your stand design reflects your brand personality and even help you to attract more crowd.

We have a core team of professionally qualified staff and a fleet of production staff which form the central force for stall designing & project.

Graphics and images enhance the stand and also bring attention to your booth or stall. We are not only convenient also ensures efficiency to gain the most benefits.

The first step that you take towards choosing your stall designer needs to be correct to get the desired results.

If you want to create an eye-catching stall, then you should consider Planotech, we are very useful for professional stall designing and execution.

We listen, we design and we execute. We blend ideas and insights to create strong design perspectives that will make your stall truly unique. From concept to execution, we offer you a fast, reliable and hassle-free exhibition setup experience.

Exhibitions are busy places, so it’s important to make sure your stall designs are easily visible and equally attractive.

We create a vibrant and customized design for your brand that will help it leverage and benefit from the power of social media. Across platforms and diverse touchpoints, we will enable your brand to discover its audience, connect with customers and add a new dimension to its presence.

It doesn’t matter how large or small the event you’re attending will be, eye-catching design will always help to draw customers to your stand which will, in turn, give you the desired outcomes.

We carry a good amount of experience and render the best services at a reasonable rate.