Using organizational skills to plan social or business events is Event Management. It comprises of Indian weddings, concerts, seminars, corporate meetings, birthday parties and much more. Event management is a substantial blend of creativity and technical skills.

People face hidden challenges in the execution of the events and it is not so easy to manage an event and get maximum results from it. So being one of the top event management companies in India, Planotech provides you with the best.

Events and occasions are an integral part of human life. We simply cannot bypass them as they touch almost all aspects of our social existence. Managing it is a science of planning, organizing and executing.

Well if you are wondering what makes a great exhibition show then we are definitely the answer to it. 0ur primary goal is to ensure that you have a successful and bother-show experience. Whether you are scouting for a distinct stand design or hassle-free show management, our project managers are always there to help you. You can always choose to get an exhibition stand hire by partnering with us.

Conference management systems can come in all shapes and sizes but they are essentially designed to make your conference management more efficient, effective, stress-free and less time-consuming. It’s crucial for anyone who is organizing to understand exactly what they need from their conference management system provider.

It’s great to imagine yourself using all the bells and whistles a powerful abstract management system can provide you with. But in reality, there are different systems for different types and sizes of conferences, and we suggest the best of its type that completely satisfies all your requirements keeping in mind the necessities.

If you’ve got lots of parallel sessions with multiple presentations, building your conference timetable manually can be like assembling a puzzle. Planotech helps you build a complex schedule and add presenter material with ease.